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A Hive with no honey....

Posted on: April 14, 2009 10:52 am

 Have you ever seen a inactive beehive? Of course you know it produces no honey and is worth a hockey puck during a soccor game. Thats what the Hornets remind me of. It's like a few bees are working hard to make sure the hive is well. Sorry Chris Paul but you are the Queen bee that keeps the hive runnning and without you the hive dies. Some of the worker bees(David West,James Posey)perform well for the hive but the others are just the ones walking around getting their feet stuck in the honey CP3 makes. Whenever the day comes when we get players that are capable of being top notch Hornets and not moneybees (just shootin for loot and not the prize) then we will have built a real hive of killerbees on the swarm.. Wu-Tang!!!!


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